Summer Wedding Trends

The Indian traditional wedding has gone and got itself a contemporary twist as of today – especially if the special event is occurring in the peak of summer. No longer are soon-to-be brides choosing to wear the typical heavy red outfits that their mother wore on their wedding – the times are a-changing and so is bridal couture. The hottest young designers on the block are creating gorgeous slews of season-specific, age appropriate, and trendy bridal lines, that even manage to incorporate the bride’s personal taste, while keeping in with the rich heritage of our culture – and that’s a tough ordeal to pull off, considering the most dominant phenomenon we have today is of the Bridezilla!

It’s not surprising to see a bride rocking a Sabyasachi crop top-lehenga amalgam ensemble on her big day, or lots of sheer (exhibit A: Arpita Khan) for its breathable quality (and fairytale traits, of course). Bright colours and patterns are truly dominating the Indian summer nuptials – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Look through for some bridal inspiration if you’re planning to tie the knot in modern princess style.