How To Create A Clothes Shopping List

How many times have we looked into our wardrobes forlornly and thought, “I have nothing to wear!” Well, all of us have been there. Though the truth in most cases is that we do. We have a lot of stuff! We just don’t know how to style every piece to its maximum potential – if we did that successfully, we’d probably triple the use from all our clothes. (And with some styling insight from our bloggers, we’re sure you’re going to solve that one in no time!)

But how do you decide what you need in the first place? What basic necessities and staples are you missing? Have a go at these tips to organize your cupboard and make a comprehensive shopping list. Hope this helps!

-       First, pull out all your clothes and pile them on the floor. Do a little spring clean – pick each one up and decide if you still like them, if they fit and if they’re in good condition. Get rid of the rest.

-       Ask yourself what you like about them, what they work with, and what other garments you’ll need to accompany each to create more looks.

-        Start trying out all your clothes, one outfit at a time. Do you find yourself sayng, “If only I had ______ to complete this look”? Write that down in your list.

-       Every time you feel that an addition of a garment – like a cool jacket, or a full-sleeved shirt, would go with more than two looks, put it high up on priority.

-       Check to see if you’re missing any basics or garments that go with pretty much everything. For example, a white t shirt, blue jeans, black trousers, tank tops in the basic colours, etc. If you don’t have all these, make a note of it.

-       When you put back all your clothes, and you’re done folding and hanging, glance at them in entirety, and see the colour scheme of your stuff. Do you see a lot of black? Do you see less variety of colour? Do you have enough neutrals like white and brown? Keep this in mind, or write it down in your list.

Finally, after all that hard work, it’s shopping time! Reward yourself with all the stuff you’ve listed out – but don’t spoil yourself. Or do (who are we kidding?) – but only when you’re done buying every single item on the list. This way, you’ll never buy anything again that you don’t need over something that you actually do. Happy shopping!