Smart Fashion

Do you ever lust after those thousands of dollars worth designer garb that celebrities are wearing all the time? Don’t worry, you’ve got half the world with you on that. But good news? You can totally look like a million bucks without spending it. Easy-on-the-wallet high street brands are a dime a dozen these days, as are online shopping sites. What really counts though, is how well your garment is styled. Exhibit A: the simple white t-shirt.

It was only a few thousand celebrity gossip tabs ago on your laptop when Kim K’s NSFW pap of her holding “her own wet T–shirt contest” (you crack us up, Perez) surfaced and destroyed the internet. What we took home from that (after thinking ‘How did that body happen!’, visually measuring her vast waist to hip ratio and then just wallowing in self pity, hating on the Armenian gene), was the re-ignition of our forgotten love for the white tee.

Along with Denim, Black, Stilettos and other such revolutions, the White T-Shirt is right up there in the League of Extraordinary Wardrobe Legends. Every other season it is hunted for, rummaged and dug out of your cupboard with your eager, wanting arms because really, what else could go under that snazzy vintage blazer you fell in love with and brought home? What’s best about this white manna is its uncanny ability to act as a versatile canvas to anchor your OTT bent of throwing on those traffic-stopping statement neck pieces or harbouring your obsession with colour popping. The white tee just fits like a glove and lets us fashion crazies experiment all we want.

Now let those scandalous tabs wait while you take tips on 11 amazing ways to do this garment, and do it stylishly like ‘em celebrities!

1)   Hello, Denim

Next time you have to go cheer your boyfriend at his game, just get into his pants… er, we mean jeans. Top it with the white tee. And would you please look at Miranda Kerr, we’d definitely cheer for her.

 2)   Cinderella Story

Jessica Biel wore a white T shirt teamed with a complete ecru outfit, then slipped on some sassy statement shoes. Just go with Jessica Biel, she scored Justin Timberlake as her prince, remember?

3)   Skirt It

Trust a white t-shirt to give you the freedom to flaunt your long, bright, billowy skirts. Here’s Katie Holmes herself showing you how to work that.

4)   Leather Weather

Unleash your inner seductress and satisfy your leathery desires, with a little help from our friend, the white t-shirt, of course. Young style icon and the new face of Topshop, Kendall Jenner goes all out with her daring street style here.

5)   Dressing It Up

Power up your tee with a semi-formal jacket and Oxfords like songstress Taylor Swift or cover up with a neat trench over knee-high boots à la Gwyneth Paltrow and you’ll be set to impress a crowd.

6)   Take a Short

Wear your white tee under a jersey jacket and bum shorts like Tay Tay has (with her fav tan Oxfords) or club a longer version with tiny leather ones similar to Kerr’s. Now celebrate how the white tee goes over or under just about anything!

 7)   The New Crop

The youngest of the Kardashian Klan, Kylie Jenner seems to be following the fashion forward footsteps of her sisters. Let’s all give our egos a rest and learn the art of the white crop top (the shorter sister of the white tee) from this stylish 17-year old.

8)   Classic Black & White

Everybody’s dream BFF, JLaw’s style journal is definitely worth an honourable mention too. This is her in a crop, making your jaw drop.

9)   Wrapping Up

Oh look, here’s Miranda again, giving us scarf lessons this time! Throw on a bright-hued stole over the quintessential blue jeans-white tee combo (maybe a Prada bag for effect) and you’re good to go.

10)                  Trouser Trail

We don’t know whether Miranda Kerr is the poster child for the white T-shirt or whether we’re just plain obsessed. Either way, it’s tough to miss all the chic oozing from this #ootd, don’t you think? You give her one simple white tee and she gives you this!
Then there’s so-hot-she’s-hateful supermodel Irina Shayk rocking the T-shirt over her bright, ripped pants. And something she just picked up from Chanel. Slurp.

 11)   Overalls, After All

This is how you do overalls, girls. White crop top, fitted overalls, pointy gold shoes and a badass attitude. You go, Kylie!

So there you have it. One white tee, a hundred possibilities. Only goes to show you can be as fashionable on a tight budget. So go on Zapylers, let your style flow, and make us proud!