Spring Clean To Get Some Green!!

Ever taken a look at your closet and felt like it’s a monster that will burst at its seams any moment? You know that feeling well, don’t you? Well, that’s your cue to get down to a closet purge! And what better time to do it than spring? When the birds are chirping outside, flowers are blossoming everywhere and the sun inspires a renewal of life – it’s definitely time to clean out your closet. But tbh, making space for new stuff is probably the best reason to clean – any time of the year!  You’re probably dying to buy all the things on your spring wish list already. Plus, you don’t want to be a certified hoarder, do you?


So pump up the volume, pour yourself a drink, bring out the boxes and get right down to it. Here are some handy tips you can use:


1)   Dump the entire pile on the floor. It’s time to get dirty. Sure, you’re going to find a lot of cringe inducing relics from the past there, but put on a brave front and toss it in the large ‘Dump’ pile.

2)   Assign three boxes/piles – keep, save, throw. Slotting your stuff into these categories will depend largely on the trends, the season and sentimental value.

3)   Work with the “haven’t worn it in a year” rule. There might be some tears and a revisit of the good ol’ times, but stick to the rule nevertheless.

4)   Finally, have a relook at the trash pile, and further divide it into three – toss, giveaway, and sell. If something is torn, discoloured or no longer wearable – toss it, if you think someone else less fortunate can do with some love, donate it, and for everything else, there’s Zapyle!


Even though that lehenga from your wedding trousseau holds beautiful memories for you, you know for sure you aren’t going to put it to good use again (maybe it doesn’t fit, maybe you’ve had a vast style change). You’ll find some pieces that you bought with much excitement, but realize that you don’t care about them as much. Just remember that at the end of the day, they’re just clothes. And just because something’s gone stale in your wardrobe doesn’t mean no one else will want it. Maybe it exactly what they’ve been waiting for all this while. Your old stuff will get new lovin’ and some cool new memories!


Bonus? All those clothes count as investments – you can cash in virtually! With the returns from the stuff you sell off, you can finally buy the stuff that you really want – from someone else’s closet! The order of nature is a beautiful thing, don’t you think?


So what are you waiting for? Go spring clean to make some green!