Floral Accessories Are Here

We’re right in the heart of summer, which only means one thing – time to take our floral lust to a whole new level! The runways are bursting with colours and prints and florals seem to be in full bloom everywhere. Not just adorning designer couture, but they’re also making charming appearances on some of the best accessories this season – from Givenchy clutches to Jimmy Choo sandals. We also saw some of the most stylish celebrities channeling their inner flower power on the China-themed Met Gala red carpet this year – Selena Gomez with the cascading orchid headpiece, Rihanna's swirling metallic floral headdress and Chrissy Teigen’s gorgeous red flowers in her hair.

What’s great is that when you don’t want to go all out flirty floral with your outfit, just add in some zing with some of these fun accessories and lighten up any look. A statement floral necklace here or a floral printed purse there and you’re good to go! Check out some of our favourites in this inspiration board. Happy summer!