Let’s Have A Moment For The A-Line Skirt

Championed by one of our favourite Bollywood fashionistas Sonam Kapoor, the A-line skirt is creating a splash these days; on the red carpet, on the runways, on fashion blogs, and on the streets. Presumably so, as it’s a style that suits most body types. Pear shaped? Apple shaped? Hourglass? The A-line flatters almost every figure – cinching at the waist, skirting any problem areas and grazing different lengths of the leg, whether a teasing just-below-the-knee, or an ultra feminine full length showing off the ankles. The princess-like poofiness makes it a pleasure to wear as well.

Wear it with a corset top, a muscle crop, a billowy blouse tucked in or even with a cool t-shirt if you’re a style-mixing fashion daredevil; the chic garment is makes a perfect outfit for any occasion, from a brunch to a night out about town!

So why don’t you give all that A-line in your wardrobe that you’ve been ignoring? Reinvent, play with textures, colours and styles. And have a blast! Here are some great pieces that will inspire you to dig them out and flaunt them again!