Extreme Platforms!

We’re all old fans of the Birkenstock and the mule, and now their distant cousin, the flatform that’s creating waves; so it’s safe to say that platform shoes in their many designs and variations have been around for quite a while. Try 22 B.C. when Greek theatre actors wore leather sandals with cork platforms (called Cothurnus) for a boost on stage.

An attractive compromise between style and comfort, platform shoes have received a lot love over the years. While we’re all for personal choice, it’s many virtues include adding height to your frame like stilettos would, while the thick sole and chunky heel offers comfortable support for long wear. Most even have ankle straps that give additional support while looking super feminine. What’s even greater? They come in so many styles that there’s one for every outfit!

Below are some of our favourite picks. Tell us how you’d wear them!