A Glimpse Into Fashion’s History

Let’s all for a minute forget the modern day jacquard and the metallic embellishments, and revisit the past for some quick fashion inspo. Sure, the eras have cruised along to newer, better things but it’s easy to see how every era comes a full circle into the present – from the Twiggy-like baby doll woman of the 60s to Madonna’s conical bras circa 90s, fashion has seen more than a few iconic styles and designs. Here, we’ve put together a rough vintage timeline so you realize exactly when those culottes you’re wearing right now were born. Let’s rewind!

The Swinging 60's

With the turn of the decade, the world found itself a new fashion icon in First Lady Jackie Kennedy who became America’s favourite quickly, with her oversized shades and French couture inspired short-jacket suits. Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy were splashed across magazine covers and women’s skirts suddenly got mini and hair bigger. Even the most conservative suits were cut above the knee. Short dresses found their place on the map and high-waisted bikinis came to life.

‘Me Decade’: The 70's

One of the most iconic fashion decades ever, the 70s continued the mini skirt, the bellbottoms, and was overall defined by the androgynous look made popular by Diane ‘Annie Hall’ Keaton with her pantsuits, masculine separates, collared shirts and men’s neckties. The midis and maxis in rich earthy tones dominated – the look was generally tight on the bodice and loose waist down. However, the hippie flower child look probably defined the era with its breezy tent dresses, peasant blouses, Button front Skirts, wide-legged pants, and lots of fringe!

 The Big 80's

This decade is highlighted by its opulence, abundance and unabashed materialism – clothes and accessories got brighter and more expensive. Punk fashion emerged with its neon colours and flashy costume jewellery and hair grew big and heavily styled, permed and coiffed. 80s kids might remember popular TV show Dynasty as a reflection of the fashion of the times – sequins, beads, heavy and bold makeup. Pop music stars became style icons thanks to MTV (hello Madonna!) and the aerobics craze brought a swell of tight leggings and lycra to wardrobes.

 The Glamourous 90's

The 90s brought with it many iconic things – the supermodel craze (Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell), a huge burst of TV show popularity (“The Rachel” from Friends & the stylish ladies from Sex and the City deserve a special mention here), and the chic girls inspiring youth wear in Clueless. Fashion became minimalist and was a blend of styles recycled from the past decade – plaid, grunge, fur, sportswear- saw their day in the sun once again.

Now let’s cut to the present! Denim on denim, midi skirts, a revamped high-waisted bikini, overalls, coordinates, palazzo pants – they’re all back from the past! Only goes to show that fashion, like all the other good things in life, is timeless. Styles never die, they only return after a brief hiatus – bigger, better and all amped up! So dig that denim jacket out from the good old days and wear it like there’s no tomorrow.