Power Work Wear

It’s 2015. The world’s seen the rise of the biggest, most fabulous woman icons, and we’ve have finally seemed to establish an answer to one resounding question that has lingered on for generations – Who run the world? Girls! (Thanks for clearing that one for us, Beyonce).

The new world order decrees that despite having the most boring (read: annoying) dress codes in the corporate setup, there’s no reason to look drab at the office. Rather, your limiting dress code impositions don’t have to force you look like a bore in the boardroom. We’re all about the power suits and the structured pants! Why? Because girl power. Scroll through to see our favourite looks you can rock at the workplace this season.

Tux Luxe

Talk about wearing the pants in the – anywhere! This black blazer-pant combo with the white Oscar-red-carpet lapels spell power suit like nothing else. But what totally wins us over? The sassy gold tux chain.

Go-to Girl

Just another chic way you can style your good old white t-shirt – coupled with a long, navy blue blazer and beige high-waisted trousers. The tan leather clutch balances out the solid blue and the purple shoes only add some more sass.

Lacey Chic

If your style is more feminine and your wardrobe is filled with more lace than the Victoria’s Secret store, then this look’s just perfect for you. Wear a pretty lace top with high-waisted, pleated, powder blue cuffed pants like this one, with minimal accessories, and you’re good to grab all the eyeballs at the your office brunch.

Power Pantsuit

What’s better than an all-black power pantsuit for work? Nothing! Wear a little black tube inside if the cleave-show is inappropriate at your workplace. The solid gold waist belt is all the accessory you’re going to need.

Printed & Preppy


What we love about this #ootd is that even though it’s a uniform blue-white, the little embossed polka dots grab all the attention. The closed collar of the shirt adds a bit of high school preppy to work wear.

All-White Winner

An all-white suit does many things – lends the professional look you need and adds a lot of chic. And who says pocket squares were only for the men? A hint of scarlet on pristine white never hurt anyone. Oh, and blood red nails all the way!

Relaxed Pro

We’d imagine all the architects (and the like) out there would love this particular look. It’s untucked white offset by relaxed coffee-coloured, cuffed trousers, but with sharp-toed heels to lend some oomph.

Power Dress

This is literally power dressing at its best. The soft but structured above-the-knee dress is made feminine with the gold-plated belt cinching the waist and the lapelled collar running just as low as it should be. Perfect to floor a client at lunch!