Clothing Tales...

Now we’d love to get straight down to professing our reverence for fashion, but the beauty of one’s life is defined by many things.

Old flashbacks of even older games with siblings on a sunny day, long days at school, the festive spirit of holidays, that special day you got married.

Moments etched in your story forever.

And then there are the highlights; crystal clear sights, sounds and smells that carve an abiding place in your memory- the sublime pleasure of your mother’s perfume, your sixteenth birthday party with your first best friend, that lasting image of him looking at you for the first time, the vivid colours of your wedding.

All those sweet, flowery mementos that we carefully treasure like old wine and then relive them on those rare occasions when we yearn for its caress.

If you take a second and go down that memory lane, you’ll realize that clothes are a huge part of all those memories. That pair of acid-washed jeans you wore through college, your outfit from that festival, the dress from your twenty-first birthday party. Each piece with a story of its own, a soul of emotions, and a whole lot of love.

It’s easy to see that fashion, is not just clothes, bags and shoes, it’s a collection of everlasting memories. And the only thing better than creating memories, is sharing them.

At Zapyle, we help you do exactly that. Whenever you decide that you want to spread the happiness of those suede boots to someone who’ll give them as much love as you, we’re here to step in and step up.

So you can be rest assured that you’ve passed on those memories to someone else who’ll create further beautiful memories with what was once yours.