Get Preloved !

Remember that time you spotted someone holding the super coveted Louis Vuitton Speedy and promised yourself that you’d be a proud owner yourself someday? Or that girl in college wearing those adorable Charlotte Olympia kitty flats that Alexa Chung made famous – how you wished you were in her shoes? Literally. Sure, you scouted the Internet for those lovelies and didn’t find them until the high street market was flooded with them a few months later, but alas, you didn’t want them anymore.

Now let’s rewind to that moment you saw them first. What if that girl in college wanted to sell those shoes? What if they landed at your doorstep, wrapped in joy and as good as new? Well, you’d better believe that that series of what-ifs is soon going to be a reality. That’s what we’re here for!

Our main aim at Zapyle is to make your dream closet a reality. Now you don’t have to console yourself when your friend’s friend said she got those vintage trousers from halfway across the world; you can buy them from her. All those fashion bloggers whose closets you’ve always coveted – they could be yours!

At Zapyle, we curate authentic pieces of garments and accessories that have been pre-loved by their owners, have a bunch of wonderful memories attached to them and are ready to shift permanent residence to your closet! Remember Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? Zapyle is exactly like that, but on a much larger scale. From offering you a wide selection and ensuring utmost quality to delivering the merchandise to your doorstep; that’s the very essence of what Zapyle does. Who knows,those charmed vintage trousers might just bring you a bit of luck too!