How To Do Plaid On Plaid

If we’re being honest here, we love ourselves some plaid anytime of the year! And now that it’s winter, there’s even more reason to indulge in some plaid-loving – so let’s pile it on! Except, the task could be a slightly intimidating one, seeing that mixing any two stark prints is not really a no-brainer. So we got some inspiration looks to fawn over first, and then learn from – it really is only a couple things to keep in mind before you become a legit plaid star! Check them out:

Tip 1: Keep the plaid print and size the same, but play around with colours.


Tip 2: Do a full same plaid-on-plaid look a la Gwen Stefani here. Because the print has a tendency to look a bit casual, it works well when incorporated into a formal outfit.

Tip 3: Keep your entire outfit monochrome or any colour + black/white – that way, your plaid print and size can be anything, and it’ll still work!

Tip 4: If you want to experiment with colour, balance out the size of the plaid print, and have one basic colour going all through the outfit.