Steering Ommel : Unita Chandan

When you chat to Unita Chandan, you discover that beneath this perfectly poised and immaculately dressed girl, is an ambitious soul raring to go. Between a full time job working with her father’s denim brand Hard Currency, and handling her own label, Ommel, an exclusive fashion line for the trendy, discerning young woman of today, the Raffles Design Management grad has her hands full. But what’s interesting is the long list of credits she has to her name. “My undergrad was a Bachelors in Business Management, but because I’ve always had an interest in fashion, I also did a diploma in Fashion Design. I’ve also done a couple of certificate courses – French, CADD, photography and makeup,” she says.

The Mumbai-born (but self-confessed “true Bangalorean”) designer has been the creative director of Hard Currency since 2010 – it’s how she gained loads of experience and exposure, enough to motivate her to start something of her own. “I love my job! I absolutely enjoy doing what I do, being both a creative director and an entrepreneur. I want to make a powerful name for myself in the fashion business and hopefully someday open the concept store of my dreams,” she says starry-eyed. 

Her classic/trendy personal style is also something to contend with – and she loves her denim. “I like to dress easy, but I’m not afraid to go bold with colours. I’d say distressed jeans and a black top is my most favorite outfit in the world – you can never go wrong in them! I wear them with heels to a party, with flats to lunch and with thong sandals for a day at the mall. I think I might just have a denim fetish! I absolutely love my jeans and can never have enough!”, she says. The 26-year old also quite a beach bum, so a brief dig into her wardrobe would unearth tons of ripped shorts and tank tees. “Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, maxi tops, lots of slits, the perfect white shirt, the perfect LBD and some colourful pieces thrown in – that’s pretty much my wardrobe,” she smiles.

It’s a lot of her personal style that also goes into Ommel’s designs. “We create clothes that are stylish, exclusive and in-line with the latest trends. Reflecting our personal style, Ommel is classic yet chic with close attention paid to details, be it fabrics, prints, construction, embellishments or the finish. Our clothes have been loved and appreciated by many young women who have been looking for clothes that define street style,” she explains. Which is why they started out with the brand in the first place, apparently – it only took two women and their boundless love for fashion. “My partner Amrita and I found it so difficult to find trendy yet simple clothes in Bangalore that we see all over social media. So, we decided to make them ourselves!,” she says.

We wonder what a typical day in the life of a fashion looks like. “Well, it’s challenging, especially when you’re juggling two jobs! It’s a whole lot of running around trying to get the right fit, fabric, pattern, sourcing, style and size. But at the end of the day when you see the result of your hard work, its all worth it,” she smiles. “When I’m not working, I like to spent time with my family, meet friends, new people – there’s no better stress buster for me than dressing up and heading out. I enjoy music, movies, I’m an avid shopper, and I absolutely cannot do without my weekly dose of red velvet cake! I also frequently take off on beach breaks,” she says, giggling. 

Along with her vision for her label to evolve into a concept store, Unita loves how digital-savvy Indian fashion’s gone. “Fashion has reached a whole new level in India in the recent years all thanks to digital market. People are always updated with the latest trends and the digital space has made it super easy to shop. Also, selling has become simple as well, she explains. And we’re glad she’s a fan of Zapyle too. “I’m so impressed with the concept of personalizing the idea of selling pre-loved fashion – it’s the first of its kind in Bangalore! I love that Zapyle adds a personal touch by letting you know who you are buying your stuff from, their style and the added education of latest trends as you shop!,” she says.

Well, here’s hoping she’s on Zapyle soon, because here’s one closet you’d want to shop!