What NOT To Wear This Festive Season

You’ve got your holiday season invitations all sorted and you’re ready to schmooze till you drop and OD on wine and champagne, but have you got your festive wardrobe figured out yet? While we bring to you fashion inspo on the daily, today, we decided we’d give you a heads up on what not to wear to that big party – yes, the one with the elaborate food spread you’ll be unleashing yourself on, and the same one you plan to get all turnt up at. Well, let’s all just be real – if there’s going to be gravy, there’s going to be some trouble! Swap your current outfits for some party-friendly alternatives – here are some failsafes:

Do you really want your food baby to burst at the seams of a figure hugging dress? We think not. Pick a flowy, asymmetrical one instead – one that’s as chic but won’t have you to gasping for breath.

We take it you’re going to be visiting the ladies’ room frequently with all the spirit going around at the party, and you don’t want to have to undress yourself completely every time you do – co-ords to the rescue!

Firstly, good choice, because pleather is the best guard against food that decides to take a detour to your clothes instead of your mouth, but skinny ones like these? No-no. Elastic-waisted drawstrings are so much more comfortable.

24-12-15 BLOG2.jpg

If you want to dance and bustle around and really let your hair down, maybe you should ditch the movement-restricting bandage skirt and don a light and airy A-line one instead – it’s a win-win.