Fan Of Outlet Malls? We Have Some Bad And Good News!

Let’s be real, most of us get super excited when on a trip to an outlet mall. All your favourite brands under one roof, and all discounted at less than half of the original price tag – what’s not to love? Well, a lot actually, because turns out, what brands at outlet malls have you believe is starkly differently from the truth.

Recently, the Vox YouTube channel and Chavie Lieber from Racked did a little digging around into the process of the luxury apparel you find at your average outlet mall, and guess what? Their findings are heartbreaking for us fashion lovers. According to them, while you’re led to believe you’re getting discounts on branded products that were returned or didn’t fly off the racks the previous season, that’s probably not the case. Apparently, a large percentage of the stuff you’ll find at an outlet store wasn’t even manufactured by the original brand themselves, but by a third party vendor that the designs are licensed out to, especially to cater to outlet malls! What does this mean? Well, other from the fact that nothing’s authentic apart from the design, this usually means the products were hastily made, probably using cheaper fabric, buttons, detailing and lesser stitching. So that Gucci bag you excitedly purchased from an outlet mall and thought you scored a great deal on, is in fact, not the exact same bag you’d find in an actual Gucci store! Bummed out? So are we.

Many popular brands today (that you might even have a tab open on), like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, use little tactics that make you believe you’re getting a lot more than what you’re paying for. “These products were never actually part of the original label or collection,” according to the video. In fact, an estimated 85% of merchandise in outlets is especially manufactured for outlets – an example of an unfair marketing practice.

If you have sharp eye, you could probably even spot the shortcomings on outlet products as opposed to their regular store counterparts. But you know what’s a better idea? Preloved fashion! When you buy preloved stuff, you know it’s actually bought by someone from the actual store, because we at Zapyle, make sure of that. The authenticity of the products is not compromised, and what’s even better is that while you might score up to a 60% discount at outlet stores, at Zapyle, you’ll find products from their original stores at discounts as low as 88%! Who wins? You, the consumer!

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Happy Shopping!