All You Missed At The First #ZapParty

Fashion, shopping and wine – if these are your favourite things, and you didn’t make it to the first ever ZapParty, then you really did miss out! Following the launch of the app for buying and selling of preloved luxury fashion and style discovery, Zapyle hosted its first ZapParty on December 18th, with fashion enthusiasts and influencers in attendance, all gathered to celebrate a fun, stylish night dedicated to fashion.

The event started with a panel discussion with Rashi Menda, founder of Zapyle, as moderator, and included six of the country’s most popular fashion bloggers and influencers, including Arzoo Sait (The Orange Bowtie), Deepali Kini (A State Of Style), Dhwani Kathotia (My Little Cupboard), Priyanka Vinod, Tanvi Sakhamuri (Girl On Oxford Street) and Tessa Vellara, all interacting on various sartorial topics.

The panel opened with Rashi asking the panelists about their personal style and how they put together their looks for the evening to which the panelists had varied answers, seeing as each of the looks they were sporting was distinct – from classic and chic to boho and trendy.

“My style is quite trendy, so I try and keep up with the latest ones doing the rounds and create my looks,” said Priyanka Vinod. Tessa Vellara admitted to raiding her mother’s closet when she wasn’t feeling inspired by her own. “Because all the styles from the 70s are making a comeback, it’s surprising how many options I find to wear in my mother’s cupboard – from the midi skirts to flared trousers. I’ll probably just alter them a bit and they look good enough to be worn again!,” she said. Which brought the panel to review the trends they’re loving for SS ’16. “Next year is going to be all about revisiting the past, so trends from the 70s and 90s are all making a comeback,” said Arzoo Sait.

The panel also discussed what they do to be constantly inspired to create new looks and increase their followers. Answers ranged from following blogs, Instagram and the runways. “Well, I love We Wore What by Danielle – I get so much of my inspiration from that blog,” said Tanvi Sakhamuri. Arzoo expressed she was a religious follower of Vogue, while Priyanka said she loved exploring celebrity fashion on the regular. The fashion bloggers also discussed their views on the business aspect of the job including the importance of monetizing and increasing their follower base. The panel was then open to questions from the eager audience who raised a concern about the experience of luxury fashion being diluted today, to which the panel unanimously disagreed. “On the one hand, you could spend three times the amount of the actual product while buying luxury apparel at the store or pay a discounted, one third the selling price of the same product through a trustworthy medium like Zapyle that facilitates shopping for preloved and brand new, authentic luxury goods at heavily discounted rates. The choice is yours to make, but there is definitely an open mindedness today to buy preloved fashion” said Dhwani Kathotia summing up the opinions of the panel.

The interaction was then followed by a tour through the Zapyle Exclusive Closet that had preloved luxury clothes, shoes and bags on display – from brands like Jimmy Choo, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Gucci, Zara, Ralph Lauren and many more – all at heavily slashed prices. The guests could shop on the spot and also book their orders. Zapyle also launched their official YouTube channel at the event, that will host fashion videos from popular fashion bloggers and influencers, style tips and trends, and tutorials on how to use the Zapyle app.

All in all, the ZapParty was one stylish, wine and hors d’oeuvres – fuelled affair, where fashion aficionados with different styles and sensibilities came together to celebrate their mutual love for fashion.