A State of Style by Deepali Kini - Zap Party Panelist!

A connoisseur of fashion, travel and food, Deepali’s style is classy and chic, with lots of ethnic thrown in. She’s updated with the latest trends but possesses the uncanny ability to spin her own take on them. On her Instagram, Deepali describes herself as a lover of chocolate and all things pretty, and the latter confession reflects clearly through her trendy and outgoing style. Whether she’s putting together looks for the perfect Sunday or for when in a hurry, she always seems to pick out that one piece that transforms the entire outfit – the mark of a true stylist. She’s collaborated with brands such as Myntra, Fervour, Swarovski, Abraham & Thakore and The Mauve Unitx, to create curated content. The girl also loves her food – her mouth watering food archives are as appealing to the eyes as they are to the palette, and she also loves to document her travel adventures in FOMO-inducing style.