Superstar On The Rise : Vaishali Deepak

Having made a stellar impact on the masses and critics alike with her first Kannada film ‘Charlie’, all round stunner Vaishali Deepak is all set for a celebrated and eventful career under the arc lights – dimples as killer as her acting prowess in tow. The seasoned Bangalorean chatted to us about how she surprised everybody going from tomboy teen to glam Sandalwood star, and shares her idea of fashion and style.

“I did my schooling in Bishop Cotton’s and then graduated in Mass Communication from Christ University, but I was the girl who loved extra-curricular activities so my interests varied throughout. I’ve always been into sports and theatre, and acting was always a passion – it's something I'm really inspired by,” says Vaishali. The story of how this ex-tomboy decided to pursue a career in showbiz is an interesting one. “I decided to merge my passion and my goals because I think discovering what you’re passionate about and giving it your all helps you master the profession. The idea is to transform hard work into something you love. I also believe everyone has a calling… and I guess this happened to be mine,” she says, flashing those famous dimples.

A self-confessed Gemini by nature, Vaishali counts herself typically as a moody dresser. “My style has got everything to do with my personality. Being a true blue Gemini, it usually expresses the person I want to be at that moment. I can be full tomboy one day and a princess-y, feminine girl the next – I just try to dress the way I’m feeling,” she says. The girl has a few closet favourites though. “Though I love to experiment and like to play around with my looks, you’ll find a ton of shorts and dresses in my wardrobe – it’s what you’ll see me most in!”

A pair of the oldest shorts she owns is in fact, what you’ll find her in if you happen to catch her unwinding from a hectic schedule. “There are days when I'm on my toes and don't have minute to spare; hopping from shoot to dance class to workout. It's fun though! I might come across as a social person, and I am that, but people who really know me know that I love staying home in my oldest pair of shorts and a very unglamorous baggy T-shirt, lying on the bed and reading a book!,” she laughs. “Oh, and I keep taking off to my estate in Chickmagalur whenever I need a break – it helps me refocus and get things into perspective.”

Now that the young actress has quite a fan following post her first project, we’re sure admirers are eager to lap up any style tips from the star. “When it comes to style, I think it’s something you should discover and develop on your own because it’s so personal. I’d just say, don’t mimic something or someone else, and carry everything you wear with confidence – that’s what matters really,” she says.

For all you fans, get ready to catch Vaishali on-screen soon in her upcoming Tamil and Kannada releases. As for future plans, the actress just wants to stick with what she’s doing – acting. “I have no elaborate career plans – I just want to do what I love!,” says her inner laidback tomboy peeking through.

The debutante also has a keen interest in fashion. “Fashion in India is continuously growing, and it offers a lot of fresh concepts to watch out for – Zapyle is one such, I think. It’s fun, fast and super gratifying. I’m making my first buy really, really soon!,” she says, signing off.

Naaila Khan