5 Chic Colour Combos To Try

Aren’t we all so done with pairing the usual beige/blue, pink/purple, and every other colour with black or white? It’s time to move out of our comfort zone and try some new colour combinations in your outfits! And you’ll be glad to, because the following pairings are super chic and so easy to execute. Take a look!

Cornflower + Tan

Cornflower + Tan Outfit.jpg
Corn flower + Tan Heels.jpg



Two staple colours paired together make for one rich country-chic colour palette.


Navy + Rust


A more intense version of the above, these two strong hues perfectly balance each other out.


Pink + white


In the mood for ultra feminine? A sweet pink paired with white create a pretty sartorial story.


Silver + Blue


As dazzling as it is, silver needs something that’s neutral but not too sober to balance it out – enter powder blue – or even a stronger hue if you will. Super cool – literally.


Yellow + Brown


Have a warmer skin tone? The classic colour pairing of yellow and brown should do it for you; both shades belong to the same colour family and offset each other to stunning results.