Bollywood, Here She Comes: Nidhhi Agerwal

Remember the gorgeous winner of Rumors Femina Style Diva South of 2013? Well, Nidhhi Agerwal has scaled greater heights since you last saw her. Then again, you’ve probably been seeing her on hoardings all around the place and owning it on ramps. The young Bangalorean beauty started off in the modelling world, but is now bravely paving her way into the Indian film industry with her move to Bombay. When you get to know her a little bit better though, away from the spotlights, you’ll meet a delightfully sweet and charming girl, firmly grounded, with her eyes set on a bright future.

 As a person, I think I'm a bundle of contradictions. Though I’m a business graduate, I’ve always been interested in fashion, and that’s why I pursued modelling after college, and though I did it for less than a year, it was a great experience! I’ve also always wanted to be a Bollywood actress, so I kept moving in that direction. You could call me a creative person – I love painting, dancing, watching movies and writing. I’m very simple at heart – I make it a point to take out time to spend with dogs and kids!,” she smiles.

One scroll through her Instagram and it’s easy to see the girl’s got great style. “I think I’d describe my personal style as classic boho, but I'm also a moody dresser! Sometimes I’ll wear the most formal outfit, sometimes a really simple one like jeans or shorts with a basic white top – though I’m a big believer in big accessories! sometimes. It depends on my mood and the occasion really. I also used to be an over-dresser, but not anymore!,” she giggles. “I'm currently obsessed with loafers. Just white or gold or even silver – I wear them with practically everything – they even go well with dresses and they’re so comfortable! Also, small secret: I love shopping for pjs and sweats the most,” she smiles.

What we also were really excited to know was how a typical day in the life of a model looks like? “Well, it starts really early! You have to get to work on call time, do your fittings and rehearsals, then hair and makeup and finally a rehearsal with sound and lighting. Then it’s showtime! A day when I’m not walking for a show would be all about training and then some more! I like to end a hectic day with a movie,” she smiles.

When you take off those rose-tinted glasses that most people view a model’s life through and remove the glamour out of it, however, you’ll see the pressures that come with the profession. “The toughest part of the job would be the timings – they’re not fixed at all. Sometimes you're done super fast and sometimes it could even take 10 hours! It's still fun though, if you enjoy the job. I just cope by sleeping well and also by zoning out sometimes, where I sleep with my eyes open!,” she smiles.

Nidhhi is also quite a beauty lover, and she has more than a few tips to dispense. “I think using a nice hydrating moisturizer is really important, whatever your skin type. And the best tip I can give is to take off all your makeup before you sleep! It’s the most important beauty rule! And finally, be happy – you’ll look fabulous automatically. When it comes to fitness, the model recommends doing cardio from time to time and coupling it with basic exercises like crunches, push ups and squats. “They’ll do wonders!”, she promises.

A self-confessed fashion lover herself, the model sees not just fashion but everything moving to the digital space quickly, “And I think it's great because it's easily accessible and making people more aware about fashion – it’s great!” She’s also quite a fan of Zapyle. “I feel like we’ve been missing out all these years and now that we have it we should make the best of it! I’m super excited to get on the app so I can constantly shop for cool stuff. I know I'm going to be obsessed,” she admits.

Quick 5:

* Any malfunctions or mess-ups on the ramp? 
“Oh yes! I once wore a saree the wrong way! The fall was tucked into my waist. It was funny, but luckily nobody noticed.”

*3 things you never forget to carry in your bag before a show?

Wipes, lotion, a fruit – maybe a banana. And my charger.”

*One moment from your modelling career you distinctly remember?

“I think it would have to be the day I won Femina Style Diva. I was walking the ramp for the first time in my life and I had no idea what I was doing or saying but I won it. It was a good moment.”

*Your modelling inspirations? 

“I’m obsessed with Victoria's Secret models in general. But some of my favourites are Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Adriana Lima and my all time favourite - Kate Moss.”

*Dream designers you want to walk for?

“Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna, Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel.”