Four Pairs Of Jimmy Choos For Every Occasion In December

Besides being the season of chilly weather and cozying up under a blanket, December tends to pry you out of your hibernating state with a slew of occasions all contesting for your attention. You might pick a few parties to attend and ditch the others, but this is us making our case: why not kill it at every occasion if you have the shoes for it! And when the shoes are Jimmy Choos, even Cinderella wouldn’t want to rush back home.

That being said, here are four gorgeous Choos in different styles to keep you looking stylish and your feet comfy as you dance the wintry nights away! Bonus: They’re all available at heavily slashed rates on Zapyle – get your pair asap!

The Wedding Killers

Getting married this month? Or attending a bunch of them? These gold/silver wedge heels will add some sparkle to your wedding garb! And you can dance all you want with zero annoying cramps the day after.


The Cocktail Queens

Cocktail parties and brunches seem to be taking over our social calendars – thankfully, your outfit won’t be a problem with these elegant strappy heels. They’re champagne hued, so they’ll go with pretty much any outfit.


The Christmas Stars

Slip into this pair of glittery black sequined wedges with your Christmas look, and you’ll be shining brighter than the North star!