3 Amazing Monsoon Looks For Any Mood

It’s easy to be a style star when everything’s bright and sunny outside, it’s even fun to layer up when it’s freezing but dressing up for when it’s pouring is a whole other story. The weather’s gloomy and you’d rather just cuddle up inside with Netflix and hot chocolate, but when life has other plans, you gotta do what you gotta do. We can’t help you with that, but what we could pitch in with is some pretty outfit inspo when the skies decide to rain down – check it out!

The ‘I’m Going To Just Dash Out And BRB’ Look

This is for when you really don’t care about who’s going to look – okay, who are we kidding, you do, but you don’t want to put too much thought or effort into it. Simple – just put on your regular distressed jeans and tee, and throw on a long oversized woolen cape over it! Step into some loafers/boots to keep you warm.

The ‘Nothing Can Stop Me’ Look

Come rain, come shine, there’s no holding back your inner style tigress! And when the weather’s not being kind, you fight back with a vengeance, with your trusty monsoon comrade – leather! It doesn’t absorb water and keeps you really dry, while also elevating you to rosckstar status!

The ‘Spring’s In My Veins’ Look

Some of us just won’t let the drab weather get us down – a smattering of colour and we’re happy girls again! If you’re in that mood, wear a long trench coat in a bright colour like red/pink, pull up leg warmers and slide into a pair of heels – or heeled booties if it’s too slushy outside – and you’ve got yourself an adorable Zooey ‘Jess’ Deschanel look!