Feature Story : Piquing Curiosity - Shivi Tandon

At first perusal, Curious Components by Shivi & Srishti looks like a well curated, super styled blog that you’re compelled to click through – and when you read the first line of the ‘About Us’ page: ‘Curiosity is our way of life’, you are suddenly very curious to know more about these talented and beautiful girls. Fortunately, we had the pleasure of chatting with one half of this crazy popular blogger team (84.8k followers on Instagram, guys!), and we came out feeling truly inspired.

Born and brought up in Lucknow, Shivi Tandon graduated from La Martiniere Girls College and later went on to NIFT, New Delhi to pursue a Bachelors in design. Post that, she’s become a permanent fixture in New Delhi. “I was always a very outgoing kid – quite notorious, actually! – and I loved swimming, tennis and skating. On the other hand, I also gravitated towards the arts, and that’s why I picked Fine Arts as my major for my final four years of schooling,” she says. Fashion was always a part of her consciousness, by her own admission. “It was the one thing I wanted to focus on seriously. While I was at NIFT, I knew I was doing the right thing but I still had to find my specific field of interest. While I enjoyed designing, I loved styling and shoots even more. And you won’t believe it, but I had no idea of what exactly fashion blogging was up until the third year of college! When I came across a few famous fashion bloggers around the world on Instagram, it really inspired me!”

But didn’t a 9-5 job figure somewhere in her life plan? “I’d done various internships with designers and brands but I just couldn't find satisfaction in a 9-5 job – I’m not really the kind of person to restrict my creativity by working for someone else. So after college, blogging happened!”

While the blog focuses on showcasing the latest trends, her personal style also shines through in every thought-out story. “My style is an eclectic mix of minimalist, trendy and edgy. I don’t like to limit my style to a particular kind of genre though – I’ll feel like grunge one day and you might find me in a minimalist outfit the next. The only style I’m not very comfortable in is the super girly one!,” she smiles.

What really blows your mind about Curious Components though, are the gorgeous pictures, all with a specific, curated theme running through them. “When I started my blog, I knew the major focus after styling had to be photography, because even if the styling and outfit are on point, a bad picture can turn it into complete disappointment. My partner Srishti, who I’ve worked with since college, is great at photography and because I love doing the conceptualizing and styling part, it works out well. We ‘ve never used a professional photographer till date. Sometimes, I’ll take the help of my younger sister, but the rest is all us!”

It's been a year since they started and things only went uphill for the two. “One of the proudest moments for us was when we were listed on Buzzfeed as the one of the most influential blogger duos to follow in India on Instagram – that was exciting! People think it’s easy, but being a blogger is a full time job. You have to stay constantly updated on social media, and be very consistent all day on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.” But is it all worth it in the end? “The biggest satisfaction is that I get to use my creativity everyday and no one can curb it. This what I’ve loved doing since I was little and now I’m doing in professionally, so I couldn't ask for anything better!”

As for Zapyle, the girl seems very impressed with the idea. ”I think it’s very cool and much needed! With trends coming and going so fast, we all need to keep updating our outfits and Zapyle is the best way to do that – and with such ease. Being a blogger demands that I come up with a new ensemble every time, so I definitely plan on swapping my clothes!”