Stylist Extraordinaire: Trisha Jani

Three words to describe stylist Trisha Jani: Passionate, hardworking and very, very talented. Okay, maybe that’s five, but the Dubai-bred Mumbai-based girl has tons of cool cred to her name. A London College of Fashion graduate in fashion marketing, Trisha bagged her first internship at Versace and then some: “I made it a point to do an internship every summer, right after school until I graduated, because I always knew I wanted to get into styling.” Did she always want to work in fashion? “Absolutely! I used to raid my mom’s closet and start playing dress-up as a kid. As a teenager I used to make it a point to carry a new bag every time I went out. And when my friends were deciding between science or commerce, I had already started researching fashion colleges!”

We wonder though if a fashion degree is all it takes to be a stylist? “Not really. I did a whole lot of internships and that’s what opened up my mind. And that’s why I always tell aspiring stylists, intern, intern, intern! It's the best way to learn. Also, in this industry, you have to be learn to be grounded, whether it's cleaning your client’s shoes or tying their shoe laces – you have to be ready to do it all!,” she says. We hope you’re taking down notes, guys.

With a portfolio replete with styling for major celebrities, what’s her personal style like? “I’m a moody dresser. You’ll see me in classic one day – white shirt, blue jeans and a nice red sling with minimal jewellery and on another day, I'd probably do a quirky dress or a top and shorts with high tops. Also, right now I'm obsessed with fringes and knee high gladiators! I've just bought a new fringe bag, a fringe top and even fringe leggings! And I’m wearing these gladiators a designer friend gifted me every second day. Though I’m the kinds who’ll get sick of a trend just as quickly,” she says.

Imaginably, two days in the stylist’s life are never the same. “My days are very unpredictable. My friends hate making plans with me because I’m always ditching them for work! (laughs) On busy days, I start sourcing early – I've seen malls both opening in the mornings and closing at night!  Then I finish packing everything and go for fittings and those 10-12 hours, I even tend to forget to eat. On the other hand there are days when I have absolutely nothing to do, I just laze around at home.”

“But it’s all worth it when my work gets appreciated and more importantly, when my client is happy,” she says. Is there a downside? “Well, not everyone will be happy with your work – I’ve finally come to terms with that. There will always be some people are going to love your work and some who won’t, no matter what. So you can’t take criticism to heart.” Wise words from one who knows.

There’s still a long way to go for the PYT – she wants to make her mark not just in the country, but all over the world – “but when I’m not working, ask me to hop onto a flight to somewhere far away and I’ll do it!,” she giggles.

“I love that India is  growing quite tremendously in the fashion space, considering we can now watch fashion shows live online, and having something like Zapyle come up. It’s so great! And I’m so excited to get on it! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be obsessed with buying and selling my old stuff because honestly, stylist or not, I still don’t know what to wear when I go out!”, she laughs.

Quick 5 with Trisha Jani:

* Your favourite celebrity to style?

 “Karan Wahi, for sure!”

 * 3 things you never forget to carry in your styling kit?

 “Thread and needle, clamps and a thin belt in black and tan – they can prevent some serious wardrobe malfunctions!”

 * A style tip you swear by?

“When in doubt, wear nude heels.” 

* Favourite fashion film?

“Does Sex and the City count? Also, The Devil Wears Prada.”

* Fave go-to outfit?

“A bottle green skater dress – it's a life saver!”

Naaila Khan