8 Cool Ways To Wear a Sports Jersey

Hey sports enthusiasts! Who’s going to a game soon? Or probably cheering on your S.O. or bff while they shoot some hoops or score goals? Well, give the sports jersey a rethink because contrary to popular belief, it is not the most boring thing ever. There’s so many cool ways you can style it up, without looking awkward and frumpy. Check out the different ways you can rock the sports jersey:

1.     When it’s a loose shirt, the best thing to do is tuck it into a pair of high-waisted pants, and accessorize! Throw in some bling in the mix and you’re good to go.


2.     Super oversized jersey? Why not? Just wear it as a dress! Glam it up with stilettos, and accessorize with oversized shades and a clutch.

3.     When the jersey is long but not long enough to be a dress, wear a pair of sexy lace short (or any shorts) peeking from underneath, layer it with a leather jacket to inject some instant badass and put on a pair of booties.

4.     In the mood for some DIY? Dazzle up your jersey! Sew on some sequins or you could even cut out the numbers and letters from the original jersey and stitch it onto a bling top!

5.     Wanna do the jersey the original sporty way? Wear it with a pair of boy shorts and cool sneakers.

6.     If you’re jersey isn’t as cool as this high-low one, wear it over a plain short dress to elevate the look.

7.     Is feminine boho more your style? Tuck in your jersey into a midi skirt and wear a statement necklace to take the masculine garment from drab to fab.

8.     Norm core fan? Wear your jersey with hot shorts, an inverted snapback and a pair of sky-high heels to contrast.