Super Stylist : Rhea Kapoor

It is easier being Sonam’s stylist, than her sister,”  - Rhea Kapoor

If Sonam Kapoor is India’s best clotheshorse, then her sister Rhea Kapoor is master of the sartorial circus. Apart from being producer to the very well-received Aisha which was a big hit with fashion folk especially, she’s also come into her own as a stylist, not just dressing her sister up in high octane glam garb but also playing go-to fashion fashion consultant to all the Kapoor cousins. “It is easier being Sonam’s stylist, than her sister,” she confessed in an interview.

While she studied theatre in New York, the city was also where she fell in love with vintage fashion and harnessed her fascination with style. Her sister’s looks are a superior reflection of her talent – whether they’re her memorable Cannes red carpet wins or her stunning public appearances. Rhea also styles cousin Arjun Kapoor in excessively flattering looks – we can go so far as to say that she’s probably one reason for the buff star’s sex appeal.

 With that being said, here are some of our favourite looks created by the stylist du jour. Get inspired!