Birthday Beauties : Katy Perry

If there’s one celebrity whose next outfit can never be predicted, it’s Katy Perry – she surprises the world every single time she steps out – whether on the red carpet or off. Only she could pull off dressing up as a hot Cheeto for Halloween!

And nailing her looks is no ordinary feat; one day she’s sporting pastel hair and neon the next. Here’s a girl whose style cannot be put in a box – while she may seem like she’s all about the retro glamour one moment, she’s off doing rocker chic another, and full-throttle Moschino the next. This super successful popstar can teach you a thing or two about being a style chameleon. Lesson 1: Never be afraid to experiment – there might be some misses, but there are going to be lots of hits that makes it all worth it.

Just like a pretty heavy duty style file can be credited to the star, her musical accomplishments are also to be contended with. When a Katy Perry single drops, you know it’s topping the charts sooner rather than later. So in honour of Katy Perry’s birthday, here are the popstar’s best style moments – enjoy!