All About The Boots

It might not be fall here on the tropical side of the world, but then again, there’s no place or season for our obsession with knee-high boots and their slightly intimidating cousin, over-knee boots. It also just goes to show how timeless the style is, trend or no trend. And we have many reasons to validate our love (you could always wear them on a white holiday right?) – they’re warm, comfy and work to create a bunch of starkly different looks – the cutesy one when worn with skirts/dresses/trench coats of various lengths, a badass getup when it’s all black, all leather, full grunge when the boots are fringed, and super chic when your skinnies/leggings are tucked in.

If you’re a new member of the bandwagon, start by investing in a pair that’s neutral-coloured, in a durable material like suede/faux leather and decide whether you’d have more use for a flat-soled one over a heeled version. Check out some of our favourite looks featuring our all time favourite boots!

You can also style previous trends mentioned by Zapyle with Knee high boots like capes (click here) and plaid (click here)