6 Ways to Wear the Boxy Top

Popularly being considered summer’s most wearable trend, the boxy top looks like it’s here to stay. Why it’s such a hit? Its structured shape is versatile enough to be worn over a variety of silhouettes – from culottes to a midi skirt. It works for any occasion as well – lending a formal look for work and a relaxed, oh-so-chic one for the weekends. 

While it might seem tricky to pull of, it’s really not! Just remember to balance out the ‘boxiness’ with your bottoms. Here are different ways to style our new clothing crush!

Boxy Top + Flared Pants

Boxy Top + Culottes CO-Ords

Boxy Top + Maxi Skirt

Boxy Top + Jeans

Boxy Top + Midi Skirt

Boxy Top + Skater Skirt