5 Trends That Go Together

We’re in 2015 and it seems like we’re being hit by trends every other week – and we want to try them all! Of course, you don’t want to look like a crazy fashion victim while doing that. But while you might think you’ll look like one big hot mess, wearing multiple trends in one outfit can actually turn out pretty well if you do them right.

Here are 5 looks we put together pairing two different trends – pick one that most suits your style and try it!

Fringe + Gladiators

Slightly boho and very chic, pairing fringe with gladiators is pretty classic. Just make sure your fringe isn’t flimsy and your gladiators suit the length of your skirt.

Denim + Sneakers

Denim is pretty much always trending and wearing sneakers with everything is huge right now. Together, they make for a casual uber cool outfit – and you could go anywhere with it – you could do normcore or all denim and it’ll still look great.

Suede + Pastels

Scream Queen fans – you know pastel is really in. You could do a whole 70s take on it and do pastel suedes! Choose less traditional colours like pale pink or mint green for a trendy vibe.

Military + Colour

Kylie Jenner is championing the whole military trend right now and we love the whole modern rap vibe it has going on. Except – instead of just wearing the boring old military green and brown, you can add a splash of colour through another piece of clothing or even in your accessories!

Monochromatic Crop Tops + Flared Pants

This combo is super stylish – keep your outfit monochromatic – pastels work great. You could also keep it in the same colour palette instead of just one colour. Show that toned stomach off and sashay around in nice, big flared pants!