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What is Zapyle?

Zapyle is a fun, easy and social way to shop like a pro. The best closets in India to buy from and your own to sell


Sell with Zapyle

Sell your own items that haven't been getting a lot of love from you lately. Just list it for sale and score a great deal, so you can buy things you really want




Once you find your buyer, just box your item up, paste the filled out sell form on the box and call for a free pick up. Once the item reaches your buyer, your account will be updated with the amount you've earned




We take it upon us to verify the authenticity of what you're buying. To guarantee complete satisfaction, you can take 5 days to decide whether you want to keep the item you've bought. Also, in case your order never arrives, you will be refunded in full




Zap Community

Be a Zapyler! Connect and socialize with fashionistas just like you, and be part of a community that discovers fashion together. Spread the love! 




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